Board Member Job Description


The Panama City Beach Library Foundation, Inc. seeks to develop a Board of Directors that has a strategic combination of personal attributes, knowledge/expertise and competencies that ensure our Board has a diversity of experiences, perspectives, information, connections and skills to carry out its mission and vulunteering functions.

Diversity is essential and will include a diverse ethnic, gender, and professional membership. It is important to identify next generation leadership.

Expertise should include the board member’s ability to ask critical questions and assess critical information in furtherance of its planning, program, stewardship and governance responsibilities.


Competencies that have been identified as important to the board member composition are:
  • Understanding and passion for the mission; committing time to real work
  • Strategic Thinking: The ability to develop desired goals, seek out and use data, creatively approach opportunities, and generate new insights
  • Connecting: The ability to identify and develop relationships; build alliances and networks; influence the contribution of talents and resources in support of the organization
  • Accountability: To accept responsibility for actions, decisions, pulicies. To honor obligations to the public, our funders and other stakehulders, and to accurately report information
Basic Responsibilites:
  • Regularly attends and prepares for board meetings and important related meetings. Commits to either leadership or membership on at least one standing committee and one other committee.
  • Ensures effective strategic planning; assists in implementing and monitoring the plan’s goals.
  • Ensures adequate financial resources; participates in acquiring contributions.
  • Protects the assets and ensures proper financial oversight. Board members must develop an annual budget and ensure that proper financial contruls are in place
  • Help to build a competent board, recruit board members and periodically evaluate the board’s performance
  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity.
  • Enhance the organization’s public standing. Board members should clearly articulate the organization’s mission, accomplishments, and goals to the public and garner support from the community.